Stop Moving So I Can Click You Dammit!

Category: Testing Tags: Java, WebDriver

Sunday February 24, 2013 | Mark Collin

This is a little trick that some may find useful.

I re-factored some tests that were checking an accordion control on Friday to speed things up, unfortunately when I was done I started getting some intermittent failures. It seemed that I was now sometimes unable to open up one of the accordion elements. A bit of head scratching and some time in the debugger with nothing obvious jumping out at me, I finally realised what it was. I was sometimes clicking on an element to open up the next accordion whilst it was still moving (all because I made things run faster).

The solution? Wait until the element has finished moving.

Here is an Expected condition that you can use with WebDriverWait:

public static ExpectedCondition<Boolean> elementHasStoppedMoving(final WebElement element) {
    new ExpectedCondition<Boolean>() {
        Boolean apply(WebDriver driver) {
            Point initialLocation = ((Locatable) element).getCoordinates().inViewPort();
            Point finalLocation = ((Locatable) element).getCoordinates().inViewPort();