The Driver Binary Downloader Maven Plugin for Selenium 1.0.0 Released

Wednesday January 15, 2014 | Mark Collin

The initial stable release of the driver-binary-downloader-maven-plugin has been released. This brings in the following changes:

  • Improved the performance of the unzip code (things are much quicker now).
  • Only download binaries for the current OS (note more pulling down windows binaries on your linux box).
  • PhantomJS support so that you can get GhostDriver(PhantomJSDriver) up and running with minimal effort.

To use it is very simple, just add the following to your POM:

            <!-- root directory that downloaded driver binaries will be stored in -->
            <!-- Where you want to store downloaded zip files -->

For more information see the project on Github If you want to see it in action have a look at my Selenium Maven Template.